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The gooseneck microphone can be used
on a table with the microphone base, or
it can be used with one of our podiums.
Very sleek and elegant, this microphone
is a favorite for any public address or
conference setting. The table top base
mount for these microphones has a
button that can be used in three modes:
push to talk, push to mute, or on/off
operation. This microphone allows the
presenters voice to be heard clearly and
without the annoyances caused by
paper-shuffling or finger drumming.
This microphone is the most popular
amongst presenters world-wide. The tiny
microphone clips onto the presenters
clothing and the transmitter pack easily
clips onto a belt or slips into a pocket to
remain unseen and out of the way.  All of
this makes the wireless lapel
microphone virtually invisible! The
microphone element in the lapel has
amazing pick up range and is extremely
clear and accurate. The transmitter pack
has a mute button for when the
presenter needs a moment of private
conversation. The lapel wireless
microphone kit is nicely contained in an
easy to use cloth carrying case.  
Used for public speaking, meetings,
presentations, seminars, auctions, and
more... the handheld microphone is the
most versatile microphone today. Easily
passed from one person to another, the
handheld microphone is perfect for
presenters, vocal performers, speeches,
toasts, aisle microphones, audience
participation, question and answer
sessions, and more! These microphones
feature a mute button, interference
rejection, wide range of frequency
selection, ease of use, and are delivered
in an easy to use soft carry case.
Used in board rooms and at conferences,
these sleek, low profile microphones
accurately and clearly pick up the
speakers voice. Another notable feature
of this microphone is the front activation
switch. It can be set to three modes:
press to talk, press to mute, or on/off
operation. This allows the participants to
have a private conversation or shuffle
through papers without interrupting the
flow of the meeting. The boundary
microphone is the ideal choice for
multiple presenters or participants at a
single table and other conference type
Finally, A studio microphone that you
can use to make professional audio
recordings of your voice for audio cds,
motivational cds, book cds, audio for
commercials, presentations media
integration, video monologue, and more!
Additionally, with its large diaphragm
this microphone is right at home in the
studio for professional audio recording of
any media!
This is very light and comfortable
head worn presenters
microphone that softly clips
behind the speakers ear and
properly places the microphone
element in front of the mouth.
This microphone works in
conjunction with the wireless
transmitters and receivers to
enable the presenter to have a
wireless connection! Mostly used
in conferences, seminars,
auctions, and theatre
Our live performance microphones are the
worldwide industry standard SM58-s Shure
microphones. Specifically tailored for vocal
performances, this microphone also rejects
unwanted stage noise. With its built in "pop"
filters and pneumatic shock mount system,
annoying distractions are a thing of the past.
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