Laptops & Monitors
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Are you looking to rent a high quality laptop? Our
laptops have dual core processors, large display
screens, DVD players, CD player/burners, USB ports,
high quality video cards, and more! With our laptops
you can connect to a wireless network, connect to
wireless printers, network to video LCD projectors,
play videos, run your PowerPoint presentation, and
more! Since computers are always changing, we
update our computers consistently and  obtain newer
models consistently so that you can stay on top!

What are your options with the laptop?

  • Wireless PowerPoint Presentation Control                                
  • Connectivity to Video Switching for multiple presenters to  one
  • Connect to multiple Video Screens at same time                       
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Control                                     
  • More!                                                                                        
You have worked hard on your
presentation, now you need a
way to professionally display it
to your audience! Look like a
pro and keep your audience's
attention with our sleek monitor
display packages!
Trade shows, business meetings, corporate presentations,
PowerPoint presentations, promotional videos, and expos...

Rent the most versatile video presentation unit available!
With the custom floor stand, you can adjust the monitor
height to eye level, hide ugly cables (they are routed through
the chrome pipe supports), roll the monitor to your desired
location, free up valuable table space for meetings, trade
shows, conventions, etc.., and the best yet: there is a
tempered glass shelf that hides behind the monitor! You can
place your laptop, DVD player, or other audio/video source on
it and completely hide it from your audience! In the pictures
below, the laptop is behind the monitor on the shelf! The
wireless keyboard and mouse are wirelessly connected and
fully functional! Don't need a keyboard and a mouse? Use a
wireless presenter to simply advance your presentation  
without having to say, " Next slide!"
We have more items  
available, these are just the
most popular; please
contact us for details